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CA-RD 2018 - License AA26003183


John-David Carling

John-David began his career at age 18 working for 10+ years at R. Miller Architecture. While there he won an AIA design award for the Air Force Village Chapel & completed multiple project types stateside and overseas. In the meantime he earned a master of architecture from University of Florida graduating as top all around student. He was president of the Orlando AIA Young Architects Forum and soon after obtained his architecture and building contractor’s licenses. Those licenses provided him the means to design and build his own home office from the ground up in Winter Park, Florida. While working as senior associate at Baker Barrios in Orlando, Florida for 6 years, he completed multiple project types ranging from urban mixed use to assisted Living Facilities. 

Owner - Architect

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CA-RD (Carling Architecture & Development LLC)

We pursue developing architecture & businesses with like minded professionals.

The creative aspect of architecture is of the upmost importance to us and we purpose our self to do so in a manner the provides financially stable products for the end user.

Our product: Some call it minimalism, but we just allow the design to boil to a reduction so the real flavor of the space comes alive.

Your DNA is unique, CA-RD creates architecture that is imbued with your culture or business'
DNA making it one of a kind.

Your home or business shouldn't be a style, it should be an extension of you.
Everyone is unique as should the space you live or work in.

CA-RD can be compared to method actors.

We learn your culture and assimilate it as ours to work into the end product as much as possible.

In a successful project the architect becomes that avatar of your mind, budget, and land. 
It takes time & intention for this to occur. We start out with a thorough fact finding and review 
process that provides solid ground to design and build from and determine is if CA-RD is perfect
fit for your needs. 

When you are searching to team with an architect builder keep the avatar mindset



796 English Court

Winter Park, Florida 32789




Tel: 407-474-8989